Twisted Pair Cabling Overview

Twisted Pair Cabling :- Twisted Pair Cable is mainly use for LAN Computer Network. 

There are three way for Twisted cabling:-
# Straight Through Cable.
# Cross Over Cable.
# Roll Over Cable.

Computer Network Topology

Computer Network Topology
Topology is a physical structure of a Computer Network.

i)                  Bus Topology
ii)               Star Topology
iii)            Ring Topology
iv)            Mesh Topology
v)               Tree Topology

IP Version 4 Overview

IP Version 4 (IPV4) Overview
Binary to decimal Conversion
27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20
00000000 = 0
00000001 = 1
00000010 = 2
11111111 = 255

IP Address Overview

IP Address Overview
IP Addressing:- Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) is an unique address. IP Address is logical address. It works on Network Layer (Layer3). Any device connected to any network must have an unique ID or IP Number with in the network.

Mobile Phone have unique ID or IP Number, Computer have IP Address or MAC Number and Satellite have also a IP Number to communicate.

OSI Layer Model Overview

OSI Layer Model Overview
OSI Layers:- OSI Layers or Model means is open system interconnect and OSI model tell that how to data travel in digital world (network). OSI developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1974.

OSI have Seven Layer:-
OSI Layer Model Overview - 1

Type of Computer Networks

Type of Computer Networks
There are different types of Network on basic of Geographical area or some are use by government, banks, offices etc. The following are the type of computer networks: PAN Personal Area Network, CAN Campus Area Network, HAN Home Area Network, LAN Local Area Network, MAN Metropolitan Area Network, WAN Wide Area Network etc.

What is Computer Network? Benefits

What is Computer Network
Network is group of nodes connected to each other using a communication medium. The medium can be wired and wireless. A node is a device which capable to send and receive information over the network.

These are best advantage of Networking:-